Travel Bloggers-Writers I Recommend


Where to Start?

There are so many travel blogs and sites out there. How do we choose which to follow or utilize on your next trip? It can be overwhelming. And, to top it off, there are a lot of so travel bloggers that just don’t know all that much about their destinations or who travel so much differently than I do that I don’t find their advice all that helpful (top 10 lists, traveling super fast to check off cities, figuring out how to get everything for free, etc).

I want to read blogs by people I can identify with. Who travel in a style I totally dig and have some similar values when it comes to traveling: slow travel, focusing on living in a place like a local (renting homes and cooking or staying with local families and learning local traditions, etc), finding epic food and great wine. Beautiful views or unique places to stay for the night.

The Expat, Slow Traveler and Professional Traveler Perspective

The bloggers I’ve included on this list nail it. They write with knowledge, wit and charm. They keep it real while also still conveying the absolute romance that comes with seeing and experiencing so many of these places. With experiencing life through ever excited and thirsty eyes. They embrace cultures, yet deal with the challenges that come with them (no country or culture is perfect-in fact they all have their dark sides and dirty secrets!) and know the reality (not just the fluffy tourist perception). This means they write with authority and are a fantastic resource for anyone (particularly English speakers) who is traveling to these countries.

Most on this list happen to be expats living in other countries (often married to or in relationships with a person in that country), slow travelers or writers paid to travel and collect unique insights/share those insights.

Enjoy this list! It will keep growing as I continue to meet more and more inspiring, knowledgeable and talented people I just can’t say enough about. So I’ll let them do that-in their writing!