Spain Focused


Sunshine and Siestas

Adventures of an American expat married to a Spaniard in Spain. The adorable Cat writes with charm, wit and skill about many of the beautiful places, traditions and meals she has experienced in Spain including quite a few off the beaten path spots which I appreciate. Being engaged to a Galician myself (while Cat is married to an Asturian) I love her stories about ‘the novio’ (now her husband) and learning about Spanish culture through him (and her own myriad of experiences).


Driftwood Journals

An awesome blog focused on Spain. Ben Holbrook writes about anything and everything Spain related (but heavily focused on Barcelona) and does so in a way that makes you want to keep reading. From the secret bar in a Barcelona neighborhood you’ll want seek out to lists of ‘the best’ or guides on ‘how to’ Ben has compiled so much information in once place it’s sure to be a valuable resource! Especially if you are in Barcelona.




A World to Travel

This Galician blogger couple (Inma & Jose) are also photographers and videographers and have a TON of great content on Galicia and Portugal, particularly road trip route suggestions, fishing villages, where to eat, etc. My kind of travelers! Of course they have the unique benefit of being real locals in Galicia and speaking the local language (Gallego which is also super similar to Portugese). They also write a lot about other locations around the world but I follow them mostly for their Spain (Galicia) stuff. Lucky for me (and their readers), they blog in English!