Prague Farmers’ Markets

There are numerous farmers’ markets in Prague held in different areas on different days of the week. Some are more for serious shoppers (locals picking up foods) and others mix in more of an entertainment factor or are held in really cool locations.

Here is a list of  a few that I like that also have gluten-free stands (please note-things can change so I won’t quote the names of any of these stands but there has been a table with freshly baked gluten-free products at all of the markets I have been to in Prague and since I last checked this is still true):

Friday Andel Market

I recommend checking out this Friday market outside of the Andel shopping center–which is also a major metro and tram stop so makes this a convenient market to hit. There’s a great gluten-free stand there that has baked goodies, fresh bread and more. All ‘bez lepku’ (gluten free). There is also a stand that sells assorted raw food treats, many of which are naturally gluten-free–made from nuts, honeys, dried fruits, and coconut. Plus tons of great cheeses (from around the world),  charcuteries, produce, etc. This was my go-to stop for fresh farm eggs, gluten free goodness and fresh veggies when I was staying in Prague.

There are many outdoor farmer’s markets in Prague though so if you fancy something a little more picturesque or making a day out it here are a few options (by day).

Saturday-Naplavske farmer’s market

The Naplavske riverside outdoor market hosts a good gluten-free bread (also a few cake and treat options) as well as lots of other great food and produce stands, live music, cooked food and more…. This market is as much for entertainment as for shopping so expect crowds but the location is fantastic! Just look out for the table that has  ‘bezlepkovy’ signs in front of it’s products.

Weds-Saturday Jirak Farmers Market

This market is in the Vinohrady district and is located near an underground stop ( Jiriho z Podebrad). This is a really nice neighborhood so it’s a fun outing plus a good market. Why not make a morning out of it!

Holesovice Market

Held in ‘Hall 22’ in the Holešovice (Prague 7) neighborhood-this market is full of local farmers selling their fresh locally grown produce and also hosts a fantastic Vietnamese spot where you can fill your Pho craving.